Dedikerer dette innlegget til Ryuk som elsker epler. Etter at jeg fikk greie på at Death Note kommer som spillefilm i år begynte jeg på anime-versjonen for andre gang. Og, tilfeldigvis, etter nok et mislykket forsøk på å bli brunette, likner jeg mistenkelig mye på dødsguden… Legger ved favorittversjonen av PPAP nederst.

// Dedicating this post to Ryuk who loves apples. After getting to know that Death Note is to be released as a movie this year, I started watching the anime version for the second time around. And, coincidentally, after yet another failed attemt to go back to brunette I look just like the death god… Adding my favorite version of PPAP on the bottom

ZARAsoles+pants,HMhalfpolo. The apple is from local vendor and glasses from a Japanese thrift shop.



Black and white

Tee: thriftshop // 👖&shoes: Zara // bag: Balenciaga 

Can’t go wrong with black and white. Two weeks have passed here in Thailand and my skin is still pale as white. I’m starting to doubt that I am able to achieve a tan, but I’m gonna give it over last shot today. See you at the pool (#instastory)

New in

My “buy nothing”-policy has come to an end it seems. I thought this body had stopped growing but that was wrong. Now I’m left with clothes not fitting and as a result I have to get some new and larger garment. First up was this grey tee and the knock-off LV backpack – both from Chatuchak market (BKK). Oh, and I really need some new pants… 

City view

Today I finally got to see the new Emporium//Emquartier when I met Ida after lunch. It’s amazing to see what have become of the place since the last time I stopped by in 2014. Now it’s a multimillionaire shopping complex with everything you can imagine inside. My favorite part is Bounce, which is the same trampoline park as the one I visited in Dubai last December. Hopefully we’ll gather a team to play dodgeball there this weekend! Until then it will be a bonanza. 

See you there!



Sundays are perfect to lay back and reflect upon the week that has passed. You can use it to plan the week ahead (and put in all the things you should have done the week before), and recharge your batteries. I’m a huge fan of to-do lists; I like how I can follow up on the progress as I check off completed tasks. A list for the coming week is being written «as we speak» and I look forward sharing parts of it later.







This is new: Late November I’m going to Bangkok. As this semester is _very_ short, the last exam is 25th of November and two days later I’ll be flying to Thailand to meet up with Ida and Anita for birthdays, xmas and new years eve (and half of January). To save extra money to spend there, I’ve decided to reduce shopping down to a total of zero.

In this spirit, here’s an old outfit:

ROBERTO CAVALLI tee, ZARA shoes&backpack, NLYMAN pants, ASOS jacket, FOREVER 21 (hehe) vest, KALEVALA jewellry







Checking in at Beniya Mukayu we were given yukatas upon arrival, but only one ping pong racket. If you put it on the wrong way (left to right and right to left) japanese people might mistake you for going to a funeral. Thus, put it on right to left and then left over right. And don’t forget snapchat (same alias).


First day in Ginza. Really nice and neat district. The temperature is so that you can walk naked or with clothes without discomfort (makes sense why I’m wearing a jacket…).

Wearing: FILIPPA K jacket, ASOS shorts, ACNE shoes, ZARA shirt



Tokyo delivers – and after exploring Tokyo for some time, I just want to see more.

Wearing: H&M tee, ZARA shorts, D&GSPORT watch, THOMAS SABO bracelet, GINATRICOT phone necklace, ACNE shoes.