Shake up lunch


Eating is my favourite activity, right after sleeping and watching series. What’s important for me when doing the work of a chef, is that it’s quick, nutritious and looks good (especially when there’s a camera involved). While the oats are cooking in the microwave, I cut some fruits and mix a shake. This shake is made of milk, banana, raspberries and a scoop of strawberry flavoured protein powder. That is:

  • 1 dl milk
  • 1 medium banana
  • 1 dl frozen raspberries
  • 1 scoop strawberry protein

Give it a quick spin in the mixer or blender and enjoy later. If you’re really quick you can manage to cut a kiwi for your oats before the micro plings.

There’s also this super good 1000 kcal shake for gaining. I’ll share later.




pre new year

The warm up for new year’s has begun. Now we are currently at the beach and the mood is raising. After we woke up (late) we prepared a breakfast and ran out to the ⛱. The sun is not on our side yet but let’s try to stay positive for the night. See you at Nikki Beach tonight!!

Broccoli revolution BKK

Just went to Broccoli Revolution for lunch. It’s right at the crossing of Sukumvit and soi 49. The atmosphere and food is exactly what you want it to be and it’s a great place to hang out for a juice or a smoothie. The food is good too of course. 

Friday morning

Is there anything better than starting your Friday morning with fresh pressed coffee and croissants while reading a good 📖? The answer could be yes; Nutella. Now the gym awaits and then more food ❤️

The Lumpini 24

After my first hours of gym here in Bangkok I things it would be good idea to try out the pool; and boy was I unlucky. The elevator was broken which meant that I’d have to walk 42 floors to get here. After all it was worth it – the view is amazing, the pool is nice and cool and the sun was on. I’m so happy to be in this amazing place. 


I’m here in Bangkok, after a two-hour long taxi trip from the airport to the center (rush hour – should try to avoid those…). On the positive note the weather is amazing and the smell and atmosphere right after you leave the plane is priceless. It feels like happiness! 

First thing I did after hooking up with Ida , was to go to this fresh vegan place to fill our stomachs with liquid food. #veganerieconcept in Bangkok. Exciting menu and I’ll definitely go back to try their protein shake later. Time for a quick nap before strolling around and catching up with Anita, Tom and Tuva 🙂

Camping Boy





From Flåm on the way to Bergen. Camping is fun in the way that you can go wherever you want, find a spot and set up a tent to sleep in. For dinner, just light up the primus and cook  whatever (pasta is my favorite when camping). Oh, one thing to be aware of in regards to the primus; it doesn’t work when the temperature of the gas is low. I had to hug the primus for 10 minutes in order to cook tortellinis at Spiterstulen.

Been wearing this green outfit for three days now – thank god for deodorant.

Love this breakfast


Cafe Kaila can be a long queue, but if you arrive at the right time you’ll fit right in. No wonder it’s popular, since these pancake plates are insane! There are a couple of these cafes in Japan, so give it a go and see if you have one in the neighborhood. Notice the menu looks like a newspaper.

Wearing: COS t-shirt, H&M shirt, D&G Sport watch






Checking in at Beniya Mukayu we were given yukatas upon arrival, but only one ping pong racket. If you put it on the wrong way (left to right and right to left) japanese people might mistake you for going to a funeral. Thus, put it on right to left and then left over right. And don’t forget snapchat (same alias).