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Kjøpte en av alt.


Causually hanging out with my friends.


This was my second time in Singapore, and boy has it changed since 2002? Yes, of course, but the Marina Bay area is impressing beyond words. The most eye catching is perhaps the alien ship, Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Ida and me went there for a quick drink (Celavi) to enjoy the view at night – you can actually see (almost) all of Singapore from there, as it is quite small. And we really enjoyed the park surrounding the Supertree Grove or the pink trees. The fancy white building at the bottom, is supposedly shaped as the palm of Buddha and is a museum with science/art exhibitions – and yes we went there because we love science.

Dette var min andre gang i Singapore, og mye har skjedd siden 2002! Marina Bay-området imponerer veldig. Det sykeste er båten på stylter, Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Ida og jeg stakk innom Celavi på toppen for en liten drink mens vi nøt nattens utsikt – du kan nesten se hele Singapore derfra! Vi koste oss virkelig i parken rundt Supertree Grove, som er de rosa trærne. Den kule, hvite bygningen nederst inspirert av Buddhas håndflate, er et museum med vitenskap/kunst-utstillinger – og siden vi elsker vitenskap dro vi innom.


Ankor Wat

Finally managed to post the pictures from Ankor Wat, Cambodia. This is there largest religious monument in the world and proof of Khmer geniuses in architecture. It’s just one of many monuments in Siem Reap, built around a thousand years ago. Five minutes from this temple is the tombs where Laura Croft once ran while making Tomb Raider. To get around you’ll need a taxi (I.e. Tuk-tuk – I know a great driver) and make sure you’re there 6 AM to catch the sun raising above the five towers. 


Okay. Let’s see if this still works. 

Finishing exams early this semester, the holiday suddenly became a lot longer than usual. I’m gonna try to make the most of it by traveling to Thailand, hooking up with some awesome people. Woke up six o’clock and now I’m currently in Stockholm #Arlanda waiting for departure at half past 2 PM.  Tomorrow I’ll show you a piece of Bangkok. So long!!

Camping Boy





From Flåm on the way to Bergen. Camping is fun in the way that you can go wherever you want, find a spot and set up a tent to sleep in. For dinner, just light up the primus and cook  whatever (pasta is my favorite when camping). Oh, one thing to be aware of in regards to the primus; it doesn’t work when the temperature of the gas is low. I had to hug the primus for 10 minutes in order to cook tortellinis at Spiterstulen.

Been wearing this green outfit for three days now – thank god for deodorant.

High on Norway


Love the shoes






Sharing these wonderful pictures from Spiterstulen and up on Galdhøpiggen. 3-4 hours hike up – and it’s only up, up, up. As you can see, the view up there was quite foggy, but on the bright side, there is 4G coverage and a Pokémon stop on the top.

Oh, and I forgot: Hiking secret number six: keep your feet dry to stay warm. Impregnate your shoes twice and keep a couple of spare socks in your backpack in case they get wet. I have one more in store for later.

Brutal Forces





First tourist stop on the way to Galdhøpiggen, Magalaupet. This river has eroded through these rocks and created a path for itself. Perfect place to wash your clothes if they somehow got dirty. Seems very brutal and extreme in my opinion, but at the same time beautiful – please be careful if you go there. Got to get moving – 2469 mamsl next!

Wearing: STORMBERG underarmour, H&M dawn jacket, NIKE shoes.


Top 5 Hiking Secrets





As you already know, this is the warm up for the hiking trip ahead. I thought I should share my top 5 tips for hiking.

One – Keep it light
I suppose you already know the saying about weather and clothing, so I’ll skip it and move right on to: pack light! Unless your wife is carrying your equipment, you have to carry it yourself and to save energy, minimizing the weight is a priority. This means you should not bring anything you don’t need and that you should look for light weight gear.

Two – Indulge in pasta
Pasta is one of your best friends when hiking. Eat a whole lot of it the night before to refill the glycogen storage in your muscles. You will need this to fuel your body the next day – especially for longer hikes.

Three – Patch it up
To avoid blisters, try walking up, down and straight forward with the shoes you are going to wear. If you feel any unpleasant pressure anywhere on your foot, add blister plasters on those spots on hiking day. And one more tips for free: cut your toe nails!

Four – Small snack
For those longer hikes you will have to eat something, but to avoid activating the para-sympatic nervous system, keep the food light and breaks short. Chocolate is okay as long as you combine it with something to keep your blood sugars in check.

Five – Have fun!
I know this sounds a little … but the idea is that hiking can be BORING, you walk for hours in rugged terrain and the weather can be so so. So compete against a set time, set small goals, explore, take pictures (hehe), listen to music, sing, talk and so on to keep the spirits up. Fit Bit or other smart devices can help you stay motivated by tracking your performance.

Now I’m to use these tips for Norway’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen (2469 mamsl). Happy hiking!

Wearing: 2XU tights, H&M top, NIKE shoes, FITBIT watch

Hiking Viking



With only one week left until school start this viking is getting ready for one last adventure. I’m going hiking & camping with Miss Fartgirl88. To start it off, we went swimming in Skalltjønna. That was the most painful experience this summer so far, as the temperature in the water was 7(!)degrees celsius. Peer pressure.

Galdhøpiggen (2469 mamsl) is next up. See you there!

Wearing: ARENA jammers.

Himeji Castle




This is the first castle I ever entered and walked all seven stairs up to the top. The tour takes from 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic up and down the steep stairs inside the main keep. Pictures are taken outside and inside the castle. Himeji Castle is basically what you go to Himeji for. And after, you jump on the train to somewhere else – maybe Kobe?

Wearing: MARNI shirt, WEEKDAY haremshorts


Golden Pavilion



This is one of the most famous temples in Japan – the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. Covered in golden material, it attracts numerous of visitors annually, and yes, it feels like you are walking a marathon in nice surroundings. As a tourist in Kyoto, I still feel like this is a must-see and as it only takes about 15 minutes to do – just do it (Nike has nothing to do with this).