City view

Today I finally got to see the new Emporium//Emquartier when I met Ida after lunch. It’s amazing to see what have become of the place since the last time I stopped by in 2014. Now it’s a multimillionaire shopping complex with everything you can imagine inside. My favorite part is Bounce, which is the same trampoline park as the one I visited in Dubai last December. Hopefully we’ll gather a team to play dodgeball there this weekend! Until then it will be a bonanza. 

See you there!


The Lumpini 24

After my first hours of gym here in Bangkok I things it would be good idea to try out the pool; and boy was I unlucky. The elevator was broken which meant that I’d have to walk 42 floors to get here. After all it was worth it – the view is amazing, the pool is nice and cool and the sun was on. I’m so happy to be in this amazing place. 


I’m here in Bangkok, after a two-hour long taxi trip from the airport to the center (rush hour – should try to avoid those…). On the positive note the weather is amazing and the smell and atmosphere right after you leave the plane is priceless. It feels like happiness! 

First thing I did after hooking up with Ida , was to go to this fresh vegan place to fill our stomachs with liquid food. #veganerieconcept in Bangkok. Exciting menu and I’ll definitely go back to try their protein shake later. Time for a quick nap before strolling around and catching up with Anita, Tom and Tuva 🙂


Okay. Let’s see if this still works. 

Finishing exams early this semester, the holiday suddenly became a lot longer than usual. I’m gonna try to make the most of it by traveling to Thailand, hooking up with some awesome people. Woke up six o’clock and now I’m currently in Stockholm #Arlanda waiting for departure at half past 2 PM.  Tomorrow I’ll show you a piece of Bangkok. So long!!