Sundays are perfect to lay back and reflect upon the week that has passed. You can use it to plan the week ahead (and put in all the things you should have done the week before), and recharge your batteries. I’m a huge fan of to-do lists; I like how I can follow up on the progress as I check off completed tasks. A list for the coming week is being written «as we speak» and I look forward sharing parts of it later.








This is new: Late November I’m going to Bangkok. As this semester is _very_ short, the last exam is 25th of November and two days later I’ll be flying to Thailand to meet up with Ida and Anita for birthdays, xmas and new years eve (and half of January). To save extra money to spend there, I’ve decided to reduce shopping down to a total of zero.

In this spirit, here’s an old outfit:

ROBERTO CAVALLI tee, ZARA shoes&backpack, NLYMAN pants, ASOS jacket, FOREVER 21 (hehe) vest, KALEVALA jewellry