Top 5 Hiking Secrets





As you already know, this is the warm up for the hiking trip ahead. I thought I should share my top 5 tips for hiking.

One – Keep it light
I suppose you already know the saying about weather and clothing, so I’ll skip it and move right on to: pack light! Unless your wife is carrying your equipment, you have to carry it yourself and to save energy, minimizing the weight is a priority. This means you should not bring anything you don’t need and that you should look for light weight gear.

Two – Indulge in pasta
Pasta is one of your best friends when hiking. Eat a whole lot of it the night before to refill the glycogen storage in your muscles. You will need this to fuel your body the next day – especially for longer hikes.

Three – Patch it up
To avoid blisters, try walking up, down and straight forward with the shoes you are going to wear. If you feel any unpleasant pressure anywhere on your foot, add blister plasters on those spots on hiking day. And one more tips for free: cut your toe nails!

Four – Small snack
For those longer hikes you will have to eat something, but to avoid activating the para-sympatic nervous system, keep the food light and breaks short. Chocolate is okay as long as you combine it with something to keep your blood sugars in check.

Five – Have fun!
I know this sounds a little … but the idea is that hiking can be BORING, you walk for hours in rugged terrain and the weather can be so so. So compete against a set time, set small goals, explore, take pictures (hehe), listen to music, sing, talk and so on to keep the spirits up. Fit Bit or other smart devices can help you stay motivated by tracking your performance.

Now I’m to use these tips for Norway’s highest mountain, Galdhøpiggen (2469 mamsl). Happy hiking!

Wearing: 2XU tights, H&M top, NIKE shoes, FITBIT watch


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