Checking in at Beniya Mukayu we were given yukatas upon arrival, but only one ping pong racket. If you put it on the wrong way (left to right and right to left) japanese people might mistake you for going to a funeral. Thus, put it on right to left and then left over right. And don’t forget snapchat (same alias).


Himeji Castle




This is the first castle I ever entered and walked all seven stairs up to the top. The tour takes from 2 to 3 hours depending on the traffic up and down the steep stairs inside the main keep. Pictures are taken outside and inside the castle. Himeji Castle is basically what you go to Himeji for. And after, you jump on the train to somewhere else – maybe Kobe?

Wearing: MARNI shirt, WEEKDAY haremshorts


Golden Pavilion



This is one of the most famous temples in Japan – the Temple of the Golden Pavilion. Covered in golden material, it attracts numerous of visitors annually, and yes, it feels like you are walking a marathon in nice surroundings. As a tourist in Kyoto, I still feel like this is a must-see and as it only takes about 15 minutes to do – just do it (Nike has nothing to do with this).

Maid Cafe


You should, once in your lifetime, try a maid cafe. The staff is dressed up as maids, super cute and even perform a show for you while eating cute decorated food and drinks. On top of it you get to pick which of the waitresses you want to take a picture with. I think you find most of the in Akihabara (Tokyo).

LV Exhibition



LV exhibition in Kioicho where LV opened its first LV store in Japan. The old cases are practical and stylish – but, and there is a really big but – they weight a ton. Not for carrying yourself.


First day in Ginza. Really nice and neat district. The temperature is so that you can walk naked or with clothes without discomfort (makes sense why I’m wearing a jacket…).

Wearing: FILIPPA K jacket, ASOS shorts, ACNE shoes, ZARA shirt



So far so good! Been eating some Japanese food, checked in to our hotel in Giza and bumped into a Thai Food & Beer festival. Everyone here is very kind and polite – and they keep talking in Japanese even though we ask and reply in English. This could get interesting. Also, I’m not gonna reveal how I know, but if you leave something behind in – let’s say a park – you can be sure that no one will steal it*. Just check the nearest police office and someone will probably have returned it there.

*I take no responsibility if it – against the odds – happens.