Shake up lunch


Eating is my favourite activity, right after sleeping and watching series. What’s important for me when doing the work of a chef, is that it’s quick, nutritious and looks good (especially when there’s a camera involved). While the oats are cooking in the microwave, I cut some fruits and mix a shake. This shake is made of milk, banana, raspberries and a scoop of strawberry flavoured protein powder. That is:

  • 1 dl milk
  • 1 medium banana
  • 1 dl frozen raspberries
  • 1 scoop strawberry protein

Give it a quick spin in the mixer or blender and enjoy later. If you’re really quick you can manage to cut a kiwi for your oats before the micro plings.

There’s also this super good 1000 kcal shake for gaining. I’ll share later.




Singapore scene




Hobbyfotograf eller ekte vare?



Kjøpte en av alt.


Causually hanging out with my friends.


This was my second time in Singapore, and boy has it changed since 2002? Yes, of course, but the Marina Bay area is impressing beyond words. The most eye catching is perhaps the alien ship, Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Ida and me went there for a quick drink (Celavi) to enjoy the view at night – you can actually see (almost) all of Singapore from there, as it is quite small. And we really enjoyed the park surrounding the Supertree Grove or the pink trees. The fancy white building at the bottom, is supposedly shaped as the palm of Buddha and is a museum with science/art exhibitions – and yes we went there because we love science.

Dette var min andre gang i Singapore, og mye har skjedd siden 2002! Marina Bay-området imponerer veldig. Det sykeste er båten på stylter, Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Ida og jeg stakk innom Celavi på toppen for en liten drink mens vi nøt nattens utsikt – du kan nesten se hele Singapore derfra! Vi koste oss virkelig i parken rundt Supertree Grove, som er de rosa trærne. Den kule, hvite bygningen nederst inspirert av Buddhas håndflate, er et museum med vitenskap/kunst-utstillinger – og siden vi elsker vitenskap dro vi innom.



Dedikerer dette innlegget til Ryuk som elsker epler. Etter at jeg fikk greie på at Death Note kommer som spillefilm i år begynte jeg på anime-versjonen for andre gang. Og, tilfeldigvis, etter nok et mislykket forsøk på å bli brunette, likner jeg mistenkelig mye på dødsguden… Legger ved favorittversjonen av PPAP nederst.

// Dedicating this post to Ryuk who loves apples. After getting to know that Death Note is to be released as a movie this year, I started watching the anime version for the second time around. And, coincidentally, after yet another failed attemt to go back to brunette I look just like the death god… Adding my favorite version of PPAP on the bottom

ZARAsoles+pants,HMhalfpolo. The apple is from local vendor and glasses from a Japanese thrift shop.


pre new year

The warm up for new year’s has begun. Now we are currently at the beach and the mood is raising. After we woke up (late) we prepared a breakfast and ran out to the ⛱. The sun is not on our side yet but let’s try to stay positive for the night. See you at Nikki Beach tonight!!

Ankor Wat

Finally managed to post the pictures from Ankor Wat, Cambodia. This is there largest religious monument in the world and proof of Khmer geniuses in architecture. It’s just one of many monuments in Siem Reap, built around a thousand years ago. Five minutes from this temple is the tombs where Laura Croft once ran while making Tomb Raider. To get around you’ll need a taxi (I.e. Tuk-tuk – I know a great driver) and make sure you’re there 6 AM to catch the sun raising above the five towers. 

Broccoli revolution BKK

Just went to Broccoli Revolution for lunch. It’s right at the crossing of Sukumvit and soi 49. The atmosphere and food is exactly what you want it to be and it’s a great place to hang out for a juice or a smoothie. The food is good too of course. 

Black and white

Tee: thriftshop // 👖&shoes: Zara // bag: Balenciaga 

Can’t go wrong with black and white. Two weeks have passed here in Thailand and my skin is still pale as white. I’m starting to doubt that I am able to achieve a tan, but I’m gonna give it over last shot today. See you at the pool (#instastory)

New in

My “buy nothing”-policy has come to an end it seems. I thought this body had stopped growing but that was wrong. Now I’m left with clothes not fitting and as a result I have to get some new and larger garment. First up was this grey tee and the knock-off LV backpack – both from Chatuchak market (BKK). Oh, and I really need some new pants… 

Friday morning

Is there anything better than starting your Friday morning with fresh pressed coffee and croissants while reading a good 📖? The answer could be yes; Nutella. Now the gym awaits and then more food ❤️